Dressed In Hope is a charity whose goal is to help impoverished girls around the world. We recognize the critical need that must be met in order for these girls—not only to survive—but to thrive as well. By sewing and delivering simple, hand-made dresses and small "pocket dolls" to these deserving girls, we send the message that all girls are worthy of love and respect.

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the dresses

DIH has distributed over 15,000 dresses tagged with the Dress A Girl  label to over 20 countries! Haiti, Dominican

Republic, Honduras, Guatemala,  Nicaragua, Peru, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and the United States are examples of countries who have received the dresses and dolls.
Dressed In Hope has partnered with several groups to distribute dresses; including Delta Cares, UCF's Burnett Honors College, Nautique Cares and Samaritan’s Purse. All destinations are vetted and hand-delivered. 


We are told that a girl wearing one of our dresses sends the message that she is well-cared for, and therefore may discourage would-be predators and human traffickers. The Dress a Girl label on the outside of each dress sends an additional message that each girl is under the care of an organization, giving her added protection from those who would harm her. 

A Dress, A Doll, A Smile......A Gift of HOPE!



A Dress, A Doll, A Smile......

A Gift of HOPE!

our mission: