Words from Karen

​One of my favorite photos from Uganda. Some of you may know I volunteer with an organization called Dressed In Hope. We have reached an amazing milestone of Ten Thousand dresses. In just 6 years we have helped to sew and distribute ten thousand dresses to 24 countries. A dress made specially for the girl, bringing her comfort and security, bringing her empowerment and safety.Thanks to all helping us with your donation, your interest and your encouragement.





We construct our dresses at the VillageWalk Town Center during our weekly workshops. 
We meet every Thursday from 10 to 12.  We also need volunteers who do not sew. We always have work to be done that doesn’t require sewing skills. We need pattern cutters, doll face painters, yarn hair creators and sometimes just fabric and notion organizers. Please join us!


Our founder, Joanne, received her inspiration one evening in the middle of all of the  stories during the nightly news. She noticed a small segment about a woman who embarked upon a mission to change the world “one dress at a time." Joanne  began making simple dresses. She then partnered with the charitable organization Dress A Girl Around The World.

Monica and Lynne joined Joanne in her mission and DIH (Dressed In Hope) began meeting weekly for cutting, stitching, creating and sharing. DIH now has 40 local members and 11 "satellite seamstresses" from several states.

Friends Who Sew

Dressed In Hope is fortunate to have many friends who have contributed almost 400 dresses. Some are just individuals and others are groups that enjoy sewing socializing and contributing to a great cause. We have friends in St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Avon Park, Port Orange, Merritt Island and Port St. Lucie, Florida. In addition we receive dresses from Indiana, Michigan, California Georgia and Connecticut. If you would like to know more about how you can help, please reach out to us from the “contact us” page.

If you live in the Venice, FL area and would like to sew with a new friend or be part of a new group, please contact Bev at sewmom01@hotmail.com